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Charles Ewell House

I just sent a message to my friend Bruce that read,
"I went through an abandoned historic home today
called the Charles Ewell House.
Built circa 1800.
Federal style.
Please tell me you're related so we can scoop
this house up and save it?"
Bruce's last name just happens to be the same name as the original owner of this home. I'm sure that they're not related, but one can only hope. I can't wait to see what he replies.
I did my research and found out this house is the only real home in the area with any significant age. It's so sophisticated for being from the 1800's. I'm in a historic federalist heaven!
This house was falling apart. I had to climb through a back window to enter the home. The front door entry was collapsing in on itself and covered in thorn bushes. I wouldn't be surprised if the bushes were actually helping this home stand.
I very carefully ventured upstairs to take a peek. I was totally distracted by the crazy graffiti on the walls. It was actually pretty crazy cool. Wonder who the artist was?
 Thought it was neat that the historical write-up said, "It bears strong resemblance to the cornice at Genezir." That's the first thing I thought when I saw this building. A Genesar look-a-like… Especially since I had just visited Genesar a few days prior. I'd be curious to know if the same builder created both historic homes on the Eastern Shore? They're probably only about 8 miles away from one another.

Another historical adventure to check off of my list. Thanks for letting me explore your dwelling, Charles Ewell!

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  • Ami Marie on

    Thanks! I've been surprised by the amount of graffiti in these old houses. Seems like if there's an empty wall, someone's dying to paint it… even if it is historic. I thought her work was pretty cool actually!

  • Anonymous on

    My friend did the artwork haha, she felt awful about it once she found out that the house was historical.Your blogs wonderful and its nice to see someone pay attention to the old landmarks around here.

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