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My Mini-Vacation has Begun

After a full week of stressing out over work-related subjects, relationship concerns, and minuscule things like...

-Losing my mailbox key in the interior of my car's center console. Thankfully I'm pretty handy with taking things apart (& apparently really good at dropping keys in places they should never go) and my friend, Greg, is really good at dealing with girls who have butterfingers. Greg graciously helped me finished tearing apart my car, used a hook to fish my lost key out of a tiny crevice (how it got in such a small place we'll never know), and helped me piece my car back together. Greg's kind of a car-wizard. Thanks, amigo!
-Visiting several different eye doctors in less than 3 days. One doctor did my exam but they didn't have the frames I wanted and have had my heart set on for weeks now. I went to about 4 different eye-glasses places, covered by my insurance company, to see if they had the frames. No dice. I ended up paying full price to the cat-eye glasses I've been obsessing over and at a place that my insurance company did not sponsor. I've submitted a proposal so hopefully they cover them. If not, no big deal. I just had to have them. Love 'em to pieces.
-Making lots of fun new hair things to sell at upcoming craft shows and shops for the summer months. I've been doing different flower, bow, seashell, and starfish things lately. Here is the only model around that was available to try on my latest design. Her name is Sandi and she's very cooperative with my hair doodads.
-There were plenty of other things going on this week, too, so I've decided to run away for a few days. I just arrived in Pennsylvania after driving 4 hours, stopping to see some abandoned houses, walking Sandi twice, eating dinner on the Millersville University (hello alma mater!) campus with friends, and arriving at my parents house exhausted.
That's right. I'm taking mini-vacation for 4 days at my parent’s house. Never thought I'd ever consider that a vacay. I needed to get away for a few days and why not visit somewhere I know I'll always be welcomed? I've come to realize, after spending so many years of my life trying to get out of my hometown, that it isn't such a bad place to live after all.

I've got a jam-packed agenda for the weekend. It includes some hiking, urban exploration, vintage shopping, a Burlesque Festival, meeting up with old friends, a 30th wedding anniversary celebration, lots of pictures, and lots of dog walking. Are vacations meant to be busy? Oh well. Can't wait. I'll keep you posted!

Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!

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