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Why Blog?

 Why do people blog? Why do I blog? It seems like I’ve been getting this question quite frequently lately. Someone who doesn’t blog may insist that blogging is a form of collective narcissism. I hardly agree. There is much more to blogging. There is truth behind my blog… lots of it… and truth behind all of my favorite blogger’s pages, too.

I started Little Miss Lovely as a way to translate my love for certain things to people with like interests. I blog because writing about something that I adore liberates me. It helps my thought processes evolve. Blogging brings like-minded people together; an interweb connection of sorts. Little Miss Lovely has helped me find people who share similar thought-processes, desires, likes, and goals.  It’s beyond uplifting.

I also blog for a living. Yes, I write because I love it – but on that blog, I write because I have to. It’s currently my career. Little Miss Lovely has allowed me to write just for the joy of writing. For the joy of getting my own, unrestricted, opinions out.  For the joy I can find in these things that I do every day. I’m interested in the everyday. Any day.  And what happens during that day.

The blog world is a world of inspiration. I find inspiration in the things that I read, see, and stumble upon while in this blog-world. I want Little Miss Lovely to inspire you! I want it to motivate you to be creative, get a little gutsy, realize your likes and interests, and broaden your thoughts. Is it working? This little, bold, blog of mine is a creative outlet.

I’ve been writing on the web for more than 8 years. Yes, most of my old blogs have been deleted or saved privately to my external hard drive over the years. That doesn’t matter. I have them. I have those moments and things saved in my life - in my own words. Consider it a journal of sorts. A journal of my everyday that just happens to currently be on the internet. I’d like for others to experience the things that are happening during my days.  I look for a response, a comfort, a positive connection with those who follow Little Miss Lovely.

If I, through this blog, can lend you my support, I promise I will do so. Little Miss Lovely is meant to be uplifting, lovely. I thoroughly believe that life, itself, is meant to be uplifting and blessed with lovely experiences. One of growth, realization, and change. I’m a supportive person. If I can offer you my listening skills, some comfort, some inspiration. If I can channel that through this blog, Little Miss Lovely is a success.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a vintage lover. My love for anything vintage stems from a thought of living a simpler (& extremely stylish, if I may say so) life. I plan on soon connecting Little Miss Lovely to an online vintage store that I’ve had in the works for a few months. I’ve been stashing vintage clothing collected from thrift stores, sewing projects from found vintage patterns, and stock piling vintage accessories for years now. It’s time for me to simplify my life and share these great finds with someone else who will appreciate them as much as I have. When the time in my life comes, I’ll launch Little Miss Lovely Vintage. Until then, I’ll use this blog to share my love for a vintage-inspired lifestyle and a positive lifestyle.

I hope that this explains a little about “Why Little Miss Lovely?” I’ll continue to plug my heart into this blog for the sake of my loyal readers, friends, and myself. I won’t hesitate to offer my support to you either. You can bet these lovely words on it.

If you’re a blogger or a blog reader, do you share these same opinions? Thank you for your support and enduring manner, my friends. It means the world to me.

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  • Sherrie on

    Love your blog! Inspiring, educational and spiced with fun :_: The St. Martin's photo tour was awesome!

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