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If that awesome picture of my cat, Slater, looks like it was taken from an iPhone. It's because it was. That's right... I caved. Finally submitted to the smart phone craze.
I'm not sure what made me do this finally. I loved my little old flip phone. Well, kind of. I think I loved it because it lasted me a good 4 years. It was kind of like a brick. Indestructible. Let's hope that my new (very intelligent) iPhone holds up that well. I'm on the hunt for a strong, durable, and stylish case to cover this piece of technology today.
I downloaded Instagram and Words with Friends right away. Those seem to be the apps most suggested by my friends. I'm digging the snapshots I've taken using Instagram thus far. It's so easy to take fun pictures with this phone. I now understand why iPhone photography has become the rage. I hope that I don't find myself ditching my nice camera for the simple convenience of this easy-to-use phone. If my blog becomes tons of pictures from my iPhone, please tell me to quit it. Since I'm new to this thing, have any suggestions about which apps to download? I'll be playing around with differnt apps this weekend, for sure.

Thank goodness it's the weekend! This week was crazy busy... but this weekend seems to be, also. I wish I could parade around in one of my fancy old vintage hats this weekend in honor of the Kentucky Derby...
(These fun vintage hats are from Vintage Underground in Chicago.
A must stop-shop in the windy city.)
...but instead, I'll be wearing this! My shiny metallic flake helmet. It's not leaving my side for 3 whole days. Why? I'm taking a 25-hour advanced motorcycling course this weekend! Exciting, right? No more illegal riding for me. Wait. What? Nah. This girl never did that.
Let's just hope and pray that I pass. I've had this course scheduled for over 3 months. I'm sure my bank account would appreciate the highly reduced insurance rate that follows a college-hosted motorcycle course. Maybe those on the road next to my little motorcycle and I will feel better. My parents would feel way safer, too.

Speaking of my parents... They're coming to visit me in Maryland for the weekend. Even though I'll be in my class most of the time, it'll be nice to have them to come home to.
Since they're visiting over Mother's Day, I'll be able to spend some quality time with my loving mom. I still need to put together her little Mother's Day gift before she arrives in t-minus 5 hours. Don't forget to wish your momma a happy Mother's Day and let her know how appreciated she is. Happy Mom Day to all my baby-boasting girlfriends out there!

I hope you have a tremendous weekend! Seems as though there's a lot going on in my coastal town. I've got to go do some 'homework' for this class. If you see me cruising on a motorcycle on Sunday. It means I passed with flying colors. Fingers-crossed. Happy weekend!

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