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10 Things I Love

1.) This shop on Etsy has the most lovely collection of vintage dresses I've ever seen in one place. I wish I could afford to have everyone of these little bitties hanging in my closet. They're all so pretty and one-of-a-kind. I'm in awe, honestly.
2.) I'm a huge jewelry freak... I make it for goodness sake, but I don't wear much of it. I have a few items that I refer to as my signatures (the silver mermaid that's been on my left hand for 4 years, the toe ring on my long toe for 6 years, the CZ earring in my upper ear for 3 years). If I had this ring, it wouldn't ever leave my finger. 39 litle diamonds in your choice of sterling silver, rose gold, or 14 kt gold. Love it.
3.) Pictures of Audrey doing everyday things. She's so loveable. One of those women that all ladies admire. I've never gone to the point of having her picture hanging on my wall or anything (alright, so maybe the Breakfast at Tiffany's poster is in the attic... I couldn't pass it up when I saw it at the thrift store!). I much prefer candid photos of this lady than posed photos.
4.) One of my favorite bloggers, Elsie, married her musician fiance, Jeremy, last weekend. I follow Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess, on the regular. It's kinda one of the reasons I wanted to start my own little blog. She's filled with inspiration and lots of tips. She and Jeremy had a complete DIY wedding. I'm hanging in suspense waiting to see pictures of all the do-it-yourself and peachy vintage details! Yes, she owns a vintage store, too.
5.) This is a pretty print. I don't even need to explain why I love this, do I? "Self explanatory," says the beach girl.
6.) I have no idea where I found the following picture. I think it must have actually found me. I'm a sucker for undergarments. I need more dresser drawers to stash them in! If anyone knows where these pretties are from, please fill a- underoo-loving-girl in on the secret!
7.) 10 Things I Love just wouldn't be complete without shoes. Forever21 listed a whole slew of new wedges in their online store this weekend. They're quite spectacular, too. I wish the size 8s didn't sell out so quickly. I don't need anymore shoes, anyways, but a girl can dream.
8.) If I were going to make a music video... I think it would be styled just like this. Love Kate Nash and this video. Don't you? (p.s. She's a blogger, too.)
9.) My great friend from college, Wesley, wrote this stellar little article about social networking yesterday. I couldn't agree with it more. I'm backwards when it comes to sharing things on Facebook. My profile is super private (no one can even write on my wall it's that private and I only have 80 photos total). It might seem strange because I share lots of information on this blog, but it's well monitored. Don't forget that I'm also a 'Social Media Manager' according to my employer. I've read so many articles about Facebook it's crazy. To read more about risky social media usage and "checking in" places via smartphones, check out the rest of his blog words. How do you feel about this subject? (there's more to the story than just what's boxed below..)
10.) Last but not least... My hair is a different color! eeep! I've got some interviews this week (I'll fill you in on those at a later date) and wanted to look sharp. My hair went from Strawberry Shortcake red to a nice dark mahogany (that has a slight purple tint). I'll miss my red. It is going to take me some time to get used to this change. After having bright red locks for 4 months, I was ready for a change. Seems as though my Mr. Charming that I adore and my father both thinks it looks much better this color.
What are you loving this week? Lots of wonderful things, I presume!

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  • Lindsay on

    I love all these things as well! Lovely list. I could not agree more with the article about Facebook..I too totally toned down all the "sharing" and such..even though I blog haha..totally different in my opinionDelighted Momma

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