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At the Harbor

The New Hope is sinking. She's been like this for at least 2 months now. Every time I see this boat I hope that she's either completely submerged by now or that someone would pluck her out of the water and fix her leaks. Unfortunately, I think she's just hanging on to this poor old pier. I'd love to see New Hope with some extra hope in her life. I'm not exactly certain about what's causing this vessel to take on water. Maybe it was just her time. The New Hope has been in and out of our local commercial fishing harbor for quite a while. It's a little sad, not going to lie, to see her going down.
Enough about me blabbering about sinking ships. The New Hope is one of the boats that lines the Ocean City Commercial Fishing Harbor. It's quite a spectacular place to visit. At any give time you'll see at least 75 boats (of all sizes and shapes) traveling through this harbor. A place of organized chaos.
I took my dad to one of my favorite restaurants in our costal town tonight, The Shark on the Harbor. Their seafood is always fresh and comes straight from the beautiful harbor that it overlooks. The produce is locally grown and harvested, too. The Green Drinks program sponsored by the company I work for meets at this eco-friendly restaurant on a monthly basis. My father and I had a delicious meal over-looking the bay and the ocean at sunset. Great spending time with my dad and taking him to see some of my favorite places in this little town I refer to as 'home'.

I took my dad on a little tour of a few of the boats and fishing docks that I've visited before at the harbor. Some are run by friends, others just have spectacular views. Here are some things that we saw:
Told you it was a nice view. The commercial fishing harbor is constantly busy but during moments like these, it feels like it's standing still as everyone around them appreciates their setting. As the sun sets over the harbor, the captains kill their engines and hop onto the docks to rest, locals and visitors enjoy the freshest seafood possible, and families dine together... it's one of those feelings where you're just completely appreciative for everything you have.

I hope the New Hope feels at home while it's sinking in our harbor. I'm sure all of the the boats that pass it as they parade out to the ocean on a daily basis say a little something about it. I'll keep you posted about the status of this boat and what becomes of it. (Sorry if I was rambling a bit. Seems as though there's a lot on my mind tonight... That's what blogs are for, right? Thanks for listening.)

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