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I feel like I've been neglecting my little blog, that I love so much, lately. I've been so distracted with work, work, and more work that I haven't been able to invest as much blog time as I'd like to. 3 weeks ago, I started working at my 'summer job' for the season. My place of employment looks a little something like this:
For roughly 5 months a year, I'm a part-time cocktail waitress at the most popular bar in our beach town. I serve drinks to thousands of middle-aged folks who hang out in the bay water in the sunshine. It doesn't sound that bad, right? Now... add working in your swimsuit, stepping on smashed beer cans underwater, rowdy drunks, sunburn, 10-hour days, and lots of fist-pumping. Does that sound bad? 

I love being a journalist and am thankful to be working in the field that I went to college for... but the pay isn't as glamourous as I had envisioned. I started serving drinks several years ago and landed this summer job that some girls envy. I work in the bay at this bar/night club with 21 other girls. We all enjoy making money from crowds that resemble 'jacked & tan' mobs...
You see all of those people? Rediculous, isn't it?! I have to carry a 2.5-foot tray filled with 40 drinks through that crowd every weekend (I honestly just close my eyes, pray everyone moves out of my way, step on people's toes if they don't move, and quickly try to forget about why some drinks may be missing by the time I reach my destination). There are about 80 floating rafts (that serves as bar tables) and 82 tables in that bay water.

 Some day, in the very near future, I hope to not need to wait tables to make a living. It's physically and mentally exhausting. I spent over 30 hours in the bay water this Memorial Day weekend. Geesh.

That's why I've been falling a little behind in the blog world. I promise to get caught up quickly! Anyone else out there looking for a career change lately? If you've got any job leads, hook a sister up, please! My sunburned body (& mind) would greatly appreciate it!

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