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Pay it Forward 2011

"Check out that turban... Yowza!"
That's what I'm expecting to hear when I wear this pretty, mustard yellow, velvet turban out in public! Don't you dig it? This hand-made hair piece was delivered to my mailbox over the weekend and I am in love with it for many reasons...

Reason #1.) Amy, from A is for Ampersand, made it for me! She sewed this pretty little thing all by herself with me in mind! Amy is awesome. She leaves me great little comments on my blog and her blog is filled with all kinds of exciting road trip details in her VW Westy, her sewing trials and successes (like her post about making these stellar turbans), thrift store scores, and great blog design freebies.

Reason #2.) Mustard yellow is one of my favorite colors. I actually went through this odd stage in my life where I would only wear mustard yellow. I can't believe I just admitted to that, but it's true. Thankfully, this stage only lasted about 2 weeks - Then I ran out of yellow clothes to wear. This yellow turban brought back mustardy memories.

Reason #3.) This crafty gift was part of Pay it Forward 2011! "What is Pay it Forward?" you may ask? Read below for more details...
Here are the details:
Sounds like a great idea! I jumped at the chance to be a part of this craft-chain. I read about Pay it Forward on A is for Ampersand and immediately responded. A few weeks later, this pretty gift arrived in my mailbox. It's like a crafting chain letter... with gifts! Who doesn't love snail mail?

Now it's my turn to Pay it Forward! If you'd like to receive a fun, lovely, hand-made creation in the mail from me, just leave a comment on this very post! The first 5 readers to comment with their email address will get a nice little package in the mail from Berlin, MD within the next few weeks. Next step? Once you receive your package in the mail, take some pictures and write about it on your blog, share it on Facebook, or Tweet about it. You've got to keep the chain going!

 If you aren't one of the first 5 to comment below, don't frett. Just post these 'rules' about Pay it Forward 2011 on your blog and start another chain! Excited? I am! I can't wait to see your comments and start crafting. Crafty projects have already begun streaming through my mind.
Speaking of crafting... in these pictures I'm wearing Amy's crafty yellow turban headband, hand-made seashell earrings that I whipped up in my garage studio, and a yellow feather-printed wrap skirt that I sewed last month. I'm bursting at the seams with home-made goodness. Oh, & my dog, Sandi, is looking at me like I'm crazy for posing in front of my self-timed camera and tripod in our living room.

Thanks so much for including me in Pay it Forward 2011, Amy! I love my gift and have been telling everyone who has asked abotu it to read your blog. I loved getting a little love in the mail from Utah! Cheers for Pay it Forward! Go comment now!

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  • Vicki on

    Awesome idea! I am so going to do this. So be sure to hit me up when I get around to it, so you can get some goodies too :)

  • Marci on

    amiii love it… im gonna put all those sites i send to u to use! im back in oc lets be friends!

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