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A Little Nostalgia

Who sneaks off to the wilderness to take outfit photos? This strange little girl right here, that's who. This section of the woods was cleared for a housing development that never became. I'm fine with that. I much prefer this serene grassy opening in the middle of the trees to a community of townhomes any day.

That red & white stripped dress has a lot of sentimental value to it. Why? My mother used to be a pageant queen. Yes, it's true. She has a few titles under her belt. Thank goodness she never forced that hobby onto my sister & me.

This dress used to be a gown that she won one of her titles in. It used to be a gown. Before my little sister nonchalantly chopped it in half unknowingly when she was about 13 years old. Apparently she was trying to turn it into a shirt. Our mom found it while helping my sister clean her room and broke out in tears. She was so upset that my sister cut apart one of her dresses that she had been saving for nostalgia purposes in our attic. My sister had no idea it was important to her, and obviously didn't have the sense to ask anyone if she could destroy someone else’s belongings.

That giant mess is all behind us now and I think mom's over it. If she isn't, she should be by now because I wear this dress quite often. It used to be floor length with a slit up the back. My sister chopped it at the knees (I mean really chopped it up!). I saved it, hemmed it, and made it an above the knee sundress that's perfect for days or nights out.
I love the bodice. It's straight out of the late '70's, early 80's. It's a little big on me, but with the right strapless, it's perfect (to me at least). It's made out of a light, airy tafeta fabric, too. Oh, and I picked up that vintage raffia & strawberry bag at Fairy Godmother's before they closed their doors. It was kitshy and precious and Bruce thought I was a little wierd for hyperventilating over it. What do you think of it?
Any idea why I'd share this story with you today? Take a good guess...
(On a snowboard trip together in the Poconos in January.)
It's my sister, Nikki's, birthday today! Happy Birthday, Nik! What a better way to celebrate than to share an embarrassing story with the blog world. Today is her 21st and she's at work slaving away. She's coming to visit me later this week and I'm stoked to finally be able to take her to my favorite bars, taverns, and watering holes.

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  • Jenna (SewSavoirFaire) on

    Hi! New follower here! I'm loving your blog. That dress is killer…it's like a more current version of a candy striper uniform.

  • miss teacups. on

    hey! i'm new around here and came here from amy's ^ blog party!! i just wanted to stop by and say hello :)also, this dress is freaking FANTASTIC and i'm so jealous you thrifted those jessica simpson sandals for $6!! amazing…

  • Amy - a is for ampersand on

    The dress is completely incredible. Dresses with stories are always infinitely cooler. You look amazing!

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