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my weekend

This weekend was an absolute whirlwind of events. It's 2 am Tuesday morning as I'm tying this, and I still feel like it's the weekend. I need some reccuperation time, but we all know that never happens around here!

I'd try to explain why this weekend was crazy cool and uber busy, but I'd have to type too many paragraphs. Let me just say this instead... I had 10 house guests! (9 people, me, a dog visitor, Sandi & Slater) A full house. People sleeping on the sofa-bed, cots and everything. The Dew Tour was in town this weekend and made for lots of excitement.

I just wanted to share some of the fun events that we attended and some even better memories that were created...
(Took some of the guests on a little tour of oddities that most 'tourists' never even existed in our beach town. This space rockets is off the beaten path a little and totally awesome.)
(Went to the chariot horse races and bet on 2 horses for the first time in about 5 years!)
(I bet on the pink horses during 2 races and won some extra moolah. So stoked!)
(Made craft hair-bow clips for Sandi's hair befor taking her to the Groomer's to get a summer-shave. Isn't she adorable?)
(Took my scooter to the skate park to watch the boys skate their butts off in 90+ degree weather one afternoon.)
(Went to the Dew Tour to watch the BMX finals.)
(These riders can do some crazy stuff...)
(...Stuff that I never could have even imagined would be possible on a bicycle. The Dew Tour was pretty amazing!)
(Went to an art show at Punk Rock Fish Studios and then checked out the vintage skateboard collection at the Tavern's gallery.)
(Kid PA played at Pepper's Tavern on Sunday night.)
(That would be Kid PA killing it at the Tavern! I swear that they get better every show.)
(The rockstar that makes my heart skip a beat.)
(A beautiful painting by Jason Frank on display at Pepper's Tavern on the boardwalk.)
I hope that everyone else had a fun-filled and fantastic weekend! I just washed 5 loads of dirty sheets, towels, bathroom rugs and clothing, swept the whole house, mopped, ran the dishwasher, and took out the trash. The house is all mine again. It was so nice to have so many friends with me for the past 4 days. Can't wait to get together with everyone again.

I'm back to the daily grind tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to consume the rest of my week with lots of work, even more job applications, some quality time with Sandi & Slater, and hopefully at least one trip to the thrift store. What are you big plans?

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  • Jo on

    I love going to races! <3 And that is such a cute wee dog!xLost in the Haze

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