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Weekend Recap

This weekend was, by far, the best weekend that I've had in a long time. Hung out with my parents, some old friends that I haven't seen in a while, and worked on rekindling another, more intricate, friendship. It was great to get away from my little town in Maryland. Even though I love living on the coast, sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in an 'eastern shore bubble' and need to break free from everything here.

I drove north to Pennsylvania on Friday afternoon after a long day of work. Was warmly welcomed home and put straight to work... after a casual dinner and a ride in a snazzy hotrod. Two of my friends recently purchased a home and are in the process of flipping it. My painting skills were put to the test. I only backed into one wall of wet paint with my bubble butt and nailed my head on the wet attic ceiling paint twice. My clothes were covered with white paint... but the room looked fantastic when we left for the night.

Slept in late on Saturday. Rainy, rainy, rainy day. Met my parents and drove to Chambersburg, PA to look at a '71 Saab 96 that my dad had found online for sale. I was so stoked to see it! The man whom owns it made it sound like a gem. Disappointment struck when I actually laid eyes on it. So much work on a car that'd be terribly hard to find parts for. Talk about being bummed. I had my funds ready for a purchase and was stoked to have a fun little cruiser after lusting for one for years. Too bad. Something will show up soon, I'm sure.

(Isn't this Saab a cutie?)
(This was the backyard of the Saab owner. Flooded much?)
Went to an awesome little bar in Lancaster on Saturday night to see this band...
This is Kid PA. A good-looking, 3-piece punk rock band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. These boys, Bruce, Steve, & Tommy, play fast and aggressive music that's fun to jam along to.
The crowd was way into Kid PA's set. It was like a giant, punk-rock, sing a long with crazy dancing. A fun way to end a great Saturday. Check out Kid PA on Facebook, Twitter, or on the web if you'd like to hear more about them or from them! I'll be seeing them play again next weekend, too. Exciting.
Slept in again on Sunday. Haven't slept so late in months. Hung around the house while my charming host for the weekend had band practice. This is Minx. He and my Sandi Doodle kept each other company all weekend.
Rounded out Sunday with a trip to the pet store, a delicious dinner, walk through the suburbs, and a trip to the ice-rink. Watched another one of Bruce's hockey games. Maybe I'm actually starting to like hockey... or maybe I just like checking out the handsome-ness on the bench.
I'm back in Maryland now. Really actually kind of sad to be back home. I feel like I've needed to think things through to get me off of my awesome weekend-high. I had a ton on my mind as I drove back to MD early this morning and into my office to work. This girls' got to figure out a matter of heart and happiness this week. I'm in the midst of evaluating some heavy thoughts that are racing through my mind nonstop lately.

Hope that your weekend was fun-filled and relaxing! I think weekends come and go too quickly... is it bad if I'm already looking forward to next weekend?

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