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Suiting Up

Is there something, just one thing that you do when you need to calm your thoughts, center yourself, or clear your mind? For me, I can accomplish each of these processes while in the ocean. Surfing is a way of connecting with something bigger and something more powerful than I could ever be. The ocean is an escape for me. A place that will always make me feel reassured about my decisions and remind me who I am and what I stand for. Somehow, being picked up by heavy waves and tossed around in the ocean really grounds me.

After work today, I put on my 4/3 wetsuit and plunged into the 47 degree water off the coast of Assateague Island. It was rejuvenating and exactly what I needed after a long weekend and coping with a heavy heart.
I paddled out solo today. Just me, myself, and the ocean. I'm always a little weary about going out by myself. You never know what could happen, but the waves weren't that big and it wasn't very rough when I headed out. I wanted to be by myself for a while just to think.
The water was beautiful, and so was the setting sun. I hopped out of the water around 6:30 and was freezing. I cranked up the heat in my car and strapped my longboard to the roof before peeling off my wetsuit and bundling up. Thank goodness the air temperature was in the high '60's or else I would have been an Ami Ice Pop.
Before heading home, and while cozy in my extra warm vehicle, I drove through the National Park to look for some wild ponies and take some pictures for my work website. Here is a Sika Deer in the marsh.
I call this pretty pony Sweet Cheeks (for obvious reasons). This pony has been living on Assateague since I was about 12 years old. She's easily identifiable. I love seeing her roam the marshes.
This gorgeous girl was welcoming people to the barrier island today. She was standing in the middle of the road right across the Verrazano bridge munching on the good greens.
After a few hours of reconnecting with Mother Nature, I'm feeling a lot better. Whatever is meant to be in my life right now will happen and I'll just have to go with the flow. I'm definitely in a period of change in my life right now. I'm sure everything will work out the way that I want it to - as longs as I stay dedicated to myself and my future endavors. Everything happens for a reason and I'm just trying to figure out why.

I hope that you enjoyed these pretty pictures! It was a hundred times prettier (& very heartwarming) in person, though. If you have any tips on how to channel your fate, please, fill me in! I'm all ears.

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