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Stehli Silk Mill 3

Feast your eyes on this beauty... The thrid, and final warehouse at the Stehli Silk Mill. If you enjoyed the photo tours from Warehouse 1 and Warehouse 2, you'll really like this building.
This was the last building I entered on the Stehli property. If you were to have entered the business while it was still in operation, this is where you would have been greeted and welcomed. This was the office area of the silk mill.
The lighting in this building was incredible! Perfect for picture taking. The large glass windows, mostly broken out, were stunning. The sea foam green (one of my favorite colors) walls were soothing. The front doors and entrance were enchanting. The vaulted ceilings were filled with windows to let the light gush inside.  

I like this picture because it looks like I’m standing barefoot in the broken glass. (I can’t help but sing the Annie Lennox song, “Walking on Broken Glass”, as I look at this picture. Does that make me dork? Or maybe just a child of the ‘90’s?)
This silk mill was the longest, based upon square footage, silk factory in the entire United States during its prime. During the early 1900’s, the mill was enlarged several times. The most recent addition, was added in 1925.
The silk business was jeopardized during the Great Depression and the business withered. The Stehli Silk Mill closed its doors in 1955. Silk has not been produced or processed in this plant, nor have workers filled these buildings since, but their presence and its history can be felt with every step taken in these warehouses.
This concludes my tour of the Stehli Silk Mill in Lancaster, PA. I hope to visit the mill again soon (so make that my first tour of the Stehli Silk Mill). Hopefully you enjoyed these pictures and they led your imagination to wonder about the history of this place just a little bit. Connecting with a historic building and trying to interpret its past is such an inspirational feeling. Makes me thankful for everything I have and plan to accomplish.
In case you were curious about my little outfit on this trip (#1, #2, #3), here's the breakdown -
Tank: F21
Slacks: Vintage Chanel, thrifted
Cat Eye Sunglasses: The Dollar Store (honestly!)
Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Thanks for checking out the mill with me. What did you think of this place?

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  • KAMoore on

    I loved your pics, but especially loved your commentary. I share your love of old buildings! There's an old orphanage very close to where I live that I would LOVE to go and take pics of! It's for sale and has been unoccupied for a couple years now. And I'm pretty sure they've amped up their security a little since someone went in and stole copper piping several months ago! It's sad that, while we see these buildings as almost living things, with a life of their own, filled with history, stories, energy…others see them simply as old, "dead" buildings to disect and tear down. Pretty much like the items you sell in your shop! Maybe we're just silly, sentimental people who just can't let go of the past…or maybe…just maybe…we're people who want to stay connected to the history, the people, who shaped our lives and who got us to where we are now.

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