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Ocean City Blvd.

Isn't she a beauty?! So stately and magnificent! Funny story about this place...

 I always have my eyes open for historic homes. My mother, who was in town for a few days, had been searching the newspapers for home lisitngs in the area looking for deals. She asked if we could go scout out this one home and see if it was worth the asking price (It wasn't. Not even close.). On the way there, I saw this home, stopped dead in the middle of the country road, and then parked my car on the front yard since there was no driveway. 

My mom was freaking out. Obviously she isn't as adventorous as me and doesn't have any interest in investigating historic architecture in our area. I hopped out of my car and quickly walked on the front porch while admiring the largest, most gigantic sycamore trees I have ever seen in my entire life. My mom got out of the car and yelled at me. I continuted to walk into the home through the front door. Mom yelled some more...

"You're going to fall through the floors!" "The foundation isn't stable!" "The roof is going to collapse on you!" "Ami, get out of there!" "What are you doing?!" "Come out here, now!"
I managed to take these photos while scurrying about the first floor before obeying my mother's demands. She really dislikes the fact that I am in love with abandoned buildings that are falling in on themselves. Can I really blame her though? She was very releaved when I emerged from the stately house.

I'll be back to visit this house. No doubt about it. Sans mom, of course. With mid-century detail like these, I can't wait to see what's on the second floor. It needs some investigating.
From the outisde, you could tell this property is crazy old. Look at the size of that tree trunk! You could fit at least 3 men around it. They were strategically placed all over the property. I'd say at least 130 years old. I'm sure this house was such a gemstone in it's prime. It's still the largest house in it's community, even as it's falling apart. The fuzzy pods below are from a wysteria tree. Did you know they produced such lovely seeds?
Stay tuned for more from this place. I'm excited to go back and explore!

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  • Amy - a is for ampersand on

    Wooooooah. uhh..Pretty sure you found an outfit photo gold mine! That chandelier! Love it.

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