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Flashback: Old Family Photos

I've spent the past few days at my parents house in central Pennsylvania. I feel like I find a new photo album filled with fantastic old pictured every time I visit their house. My cousin, Heather, called to tell us that she and her husband, Jon, are going to be having a baby! This caused an immediate rush to the photo stash to look at pictures or Heather as a baby to try and imagine was little Baby Lee might look like when he or she is delivered this summer. Yay!

I spent hours going through old photo albums filled with great pictures of our family. Photos really make you realize how loved you really are. There are so many amazing memories and stories documented between the bindings of my parent's books. Here are some that I thought it might be fun to share. I'm sure my mother and father would object to me posting some of these on here but they'll chill out eventually... after everyone stops laughing at their funny hair styles!

(My mom hiking a sand dune in '82 and one of my dad's killer old Saabs in the background.)
(My dad rock climbing during a trip with his guy friends.)
(My Nana Penny posing next to her cherry tree at her house... love her outfit!)
(My mother roosted on one of my dad's Saabs at Daytona Beach.)
(My gorgeous mother after she one a title at a beauty contest. Man, she must have loved those things.)
(My parents swing dancing! So neat that we have similar interests.)
(My parents on their wedding day. The just celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary this year!! That's my dad's best friend, Randy, in the background. They still hang out alllll the time.)
(I love seeing my parents so happy.)
(My dad, covered in denim, building our house in Pennsylvania. Yes, he built our house by himself. & my parents still live there!)
(That'd be an Ami in my mother's belly. I had to make an appearance somewhere! This was hours before she went into labor with me. On October 15th, 1986, I arrived and mom was skinny again. :) )
(Nana Penny & I)
(One of my most favorite pictures of my dad, sister & I. I remember it was right after a huge thunderstorm. The sky was still green and the trampoline was still wet. This was the only picture my mom took of us that day and it turned out perfectly... I think so at least. I remember it like it was yesterday.)
(The first wave I ever caught! During my first surf lesson ever. That's me at the age of 14 surfing in Ocean City with 'Surfer Paul', my old surf instructor from Endless Summer Surf Shop. I remember this like it was yesterday, too. My mom sat on the beach for 4 hours taking pictures for me. Thanks, mom.)
Aren't these pictures just filled with love? Do you feel the same way when you go through one family photo album after another? I can't wait 'til my future children can go through all of my zany pictures! I'm sure that's not happening for a lonnnng time! Next time you're visiting your parents place, go through their picture stash and relish in the memories!

Congratulations, Heather & Jon! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to meet the little one!

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  • Tracy on

    While I do love the one of your parents dancing…it's hard to beat your pop's denim outfit and hat!

  • Nelly on

    I love seeing family pics and yours were wonderful.Thanks for sharing.

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