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wanda jackson

Last night, Scott and I headed out for a night in the city! After work, we drove to Washington D.C. to meet up with some friends, relax, and enjoy some great music. We started the evening at DC9, said hello to one of his good friends, and drank a chilled beer. I thought the interior of this bar was pretty sweet. Lots of old wooden frames with mirrors hung on opposite walls and neat screen-printed shades hung off of each pendant lamp. We went to Axum for Ethiopian cuisine... A last minute decision seeing as we every other restaurant was bustling and we were...

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around town

Yesterday, the weather cleared up (Only for about an hour, crazy coastal storms. Geesh.) and it was beautiful outside. I took advantage of the afternoon and went into town with my camera to snap some picture for work. People love this sign in Ocean City that hangs above our pretty drawbridge. 3,073 miles across the country via Route 50.I've been shopping for a house for months. I'm doing lots of research and budgeting to save for my future home. After searching some listings I saw a house for sale in town and went to check it out. I was overly excited...

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Finally... Friday! I'm looking forward to a weekend of traveling, good music, and some time to relax. This time next week, I'll be in Chicago. Hooray! I've retired my sunglasses today (& Scott has, too). It's a rainy, windy, foggy, 58 degree Friday in Ocean City. On the brighter side of things... Spring is right around the corner!Those are my baby irises! They're a sprouting! That means Spring, sunshine, and Summer are closer. I get so excited when my garden starts blooming and becoming colorful after a cold, harsh winter. Can't wait for these pretty little sprouts to look like this...

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blackbird singing in the dead of night

My yard was overtaken by blackbirds today. For almost 2 hours...I guess that I kind-of invited them to my home, actually. I put bird seed outside almost every day for the birds and squirrels to feast on. Recently, I started putting deer corn out for the squirrels to pick at and gobble up. The swarm of hungry blackbirds took full advantage of my generosity this afternnon. One bird quickly plucked all of the corn off of the cob while the others hovered around and dug the fallen corn off of the ground. Team work, right? (these aren't actually before & after...

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trash to treasure: fan cage chandelier

A few weeks ago, I scoped out the historic, and abandoned, Shore Drive-In in West Ocean City. Everything on the lot is trash (especially considering that most things on the property are rotting away, rusted, and unusable). It seemed like things were just left there for me to stumble upon. While there, I picked up this rusty old fan cage knowing that it had potential. The cage has an emblem on it with the makers brand name, from the 1960's, that I thought was pretty cool.Well, this is what I made from this icky, rusty, fan housing:Ta-da! It's a nifty...

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